Did you grow up knowing what you wanted to be? Did you change your mind several times? Did you decide not to decide? Which frankly is still a choice. (props to my boys in Living Colour)

Well I was not the one that knew what they wanted to be and pursued her dreams. I was simply trying so survive until I could get out of the house and grow into the person I wanted to be. So the journey has led me to pick up all kinds of random tricks, trades and hobbies. The variety is truly diverse and wonderful. Some might find it baffling that one person could be into gadgets, scrapbooking, classical music, motorcycles, and home improvement projects but others, like me, find it fulfilling and ever changing. Oh and that word “change”; that’s a crazy scary word for a lot of people. Just try to get a few people to try something different after years of doing it another way just fine. Can you hear the brakes and the naysayers? Well change is inevitable and yet so many people resist it fiercely. I’m the one that looks for it… always…seriously… it’s like a sickness. I believe it’s a gift that everyone should be blessed with.

So these pages of mine are really thoughts and ideas and advice and sometimes revelations for thinking about things differently, speaking differently, and maybe doing something differently. If you agree or disagree, that’s not my goal. Just sharing a perspective, maybe encouraging you to see another one, that’s good enough for me.



2 Responses to About

  1. Derek says:

    Embrace your inner ChangeAgent – ‘love it 🙂

    • HeyMacLife says:

      Hey Derek! Glad to hear from you and thanks for checking in on my page 🙂 Take care!

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